Sins Invalid Performances On Demand

Sins09Sins Invalid is a disability justice based performance project that incubates and celebrates artists with disabilities, help centralizing artists of color and queer and gender-variant artists as communities who have been historically marginalized. Our performance work explores the themes of sexuality, see embodiment and the disabled body. 

Conceived and led by disabled people of color, medical we develop and present cutting-edge work where paradigms of “normal” and “sexy” are challenged, offering instead a vision of beauty and sexuality inclusive of all individuals and communities. We define disability broadly to include people with physical impairments, people who belong to a sensory minority, people with emotional disabilities, people with cognitive challenges, and those with chronic/severe illness.  We understand the experience of disability to occur within any and all walks of life, with deeply felt connections to all communities impacted by the medicalization of their bodies, including trans, gender variant and intersex people, and others whose bodies do not conform to our culture(s)’ notions of “normal” or “functional.”

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The 2009 Sins Invalid Performance is available to rent through Vimeo On Demand. Click here to check it out.

October 9th – Disability Liberated: Mourn the Dead and Fight Like Hell for the Living.
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