563366_404086183014098_1764060735_nR/EVOLVE is a feature film that was created in Seattle and produced by Dual Power Productions. It asks the question: Who is left out of a movement that’s gaining mainstream appeal?

What is the face of marriage equality?

Lucas and Lincoln just got engaged. Marriage equality may soon be legal, website like this and Lucas will have everything he wants—a career and a stable home with Lincoln.

Meanwhile, Lincoln is leading a major account at his advertising firm—one that will rehabilitate the image of conservative company Big Corp by having its CEO grandstand for the marriage equality campaign. The approach could secure loyal “pink money” for Big Corp and launch Lincoln’s career. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, but Lincoln senses something isn’t right.

When he picks up a free-spirited hitchhiker named Raccoon, Lincoln inadvertently enters a world of art and activism. New concepts of freedom and stability are revealed to him, awakening the artist inside him. However, his newfound radical politics quickly jeopardize his work, his relationship and the struggle for marriage equality, leaving everyone asking, “What is the face of equality and what is the price?”

Director: billie rain
Cinematographer: Margaret Longley
Lincoln: Maximillian Davis
Lucas: Lowell Deo
Raccoon: Lil’Snoopy Fujikawa



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