fix this mess: selections 1993 – 2010

Humor Me is a 9-minute documentary short that briefly interviews three sex-workers about a funny and humanizing moment from the job.

Director: billie rain

• Let’s Do It! A Night of Sex Worker Made Media – Seattle – March 2010
• 7th Annual Sex Worker Film Festival – San Francisco – May 2011
fix this mess: selections 1993 – 2010 is a collection of poetry and art by billie rain.

“fix this mess is a gorgeous book. the themes that run through it are singular while speaking to the universal. the language is precise and unique, decease
the content is intense and brave. you need this book. we all do.” – danielle (dani) montgomery (author of “the woman you write poems about, diet
” civil defense poetry)

About The Author:
billie is a disabled writer, activist and filmmaker. years of chronic illness and a rare tumor condition have given hir an amazing sense of groundedness, connection and self-advocacy that fuel hir passion to bring truth, in all it’s pain and glory, to audiences everywhere.

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