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My Sister's Shadow – NYC Reading @ BlueStockings

A Coming-Of-Age Story of Travel, surgery Magic and Healing in the Aftermath of Loss and Trauma

Join born-and-bred New Yorker and author, neuropathologist Suki Valentine, as she reads from her debut novel, My Sister’s Shadow. In this tale of travel, love, loss and magic, 19 year old Freesia, a goth feminist poet, grapples with her relationship to others and to herself in the wake of her sister’s suicide.

Author Suki Valentine is a writer, activist, artist and long-time rabble-rouser. Bronx-born Suki Valentine has nothing to hide and a lot to give. This is her first book.

My Sister’s Shadow has been published by Dual Power Press. Dual Power is an entertainment company in Seattle, Washington. We produce media that promotes understanding, critical thinking, personal development and social change. Our work can be serious, fun, thought-provoking, educational or absurd. We use a multi-faceted transmedia approach to getting the message out.

What’s the message? In the words of Alice Walker, “Surely the earth can be saved by all the people who insist on love.” In the words of Utah Phillips, “You’ve got to mess with people!”

August 22, 2013 – 7pm – 9pm
Bluestockings Bookstore, Café, & Activist Center
172 Allen Street, New York, New York 10002

Find Out More / Purchase The Book:
My Sister’s Shadow Website
Facebook Event Page

R/EVOLVE Seattle Special Preview Screening – June 6, 2013

563366_404086183014098_1764060735_nWhile the official Seattle Premiere of R/EVOLVE wont be until Fall 2013, obesity we’re offering a Special Preview Screening of the full film. This is your first chance to see R/EVOLVE in a theater in Seattle! You’ll also get to see a new short film by the rad folks at Reteaching Gender & Sexuality.


Thursday, syphilis June 6, practitioner 2013
7:00pm until 10:00pm

Northwest Film Forum
1515 12th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

$10 for the general public
$7 for students & seniors
$6 for NW Film Forum members

Tickets will go on sale through the Northwest Film Forum website in about a week. We’ll announce that on this page when the information comes through.

Lucas and Lincoln just got engaged. Marriage equality may soon be legal, and Lucas will have everything he wants—a career and a stable home with Lincoln.

Meanwhile, Lincoln is leading a major account at his advertising firm—one that will rehabilitate the image of conservative company Big Corp by having its CEO grandstand for the marriage equality campaign. The approach could secure loyal “pink money” for Big Corp and launch Lincoln’s career. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime, but Lincoln senses something isn’t right.

When he picks up a free-spirited hitchhiker named Raccoon, Lincoln inadvertently enters a world of art and activism. New concepts of freedom and stability are revealed to him, awakening the artist inside him. However, his newfound radical politics quickly jeopardize his work, his relationship and the struggle for marriage equality, leaving everyone asking, “What is the face of equality and what is the price?”

R/Evolve is a Seattle made project:
Directed by billie rain
Maximillian Davis
Lil’ Snoopy Fujikawa
Lowell Deo
And many many other local talent helped to bring this project to life.

R/EVOLVE also features music from some great bands including My Parade, Agatha, RVIVR, Fit For Hounds, Funerals, Ragana, P. Stackin, Papa M, and more.

Check out the these links for more info:

Event: Accessibility In The Arts, with billie rain

Tuesday, information pills May 21, prostate 2013

University of Washington
HUB 106
1410 NE Campus Parkway, Seattle, Washington

This event will be live-streamed at this link:

this multimedia workshop will be part presentation, part brainstorm session.

billie rain will present hir experiences and thoughts as a disabled collaborative filmmaker and disability justice activist. this will be a jumping off point for a discussion on issues facing disabled filmmakers and artists. specifically we will be discussing how access issues can be proactively confronted in the arts.

billie is a disabled writer, activist and filmmaker. years of chronic illness and a rare tumor condition have given hir an amazing sense of groundedness, connection and self-advocacy that fuel hir passion to bring truth, in all it’s pain and glory, to audiences everywhere.

billie’s filmography:
To Be A Heart (Short) – 2006
Humor Me (Short) – 2010
Heart Breaks Open (Feature) – 2011
R/EVOLVE (Feature) – 2013
Love Like A Heart Attack (Feature) – Forthcoming

R/EVOLVE: World Premiere in London!

563366_404086183014098_1764060735_nWe’re excited to announce that R/EVOLVE will have it’s world premiere at the 27th BFI London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. The festival runs from March 14-24, therapist 2013. R/EVOLVE is playing on March 17, anaemia 19 and 23. Visit the festival website for more information.


Lucas and Lincoln almost have it all. They have good jobs, cost are upstanding Seattle citizens, and are engaged. Once Referendum 74 passes and gay marriage is legal, they’ll have made it; and Lucas will have everything he wants.

Meanwhile, Lincoln has been given the opportunity of a lifetime. His job won an advertising account that wants to use the fight for marriage equality to sell Big Corp products. Lincoln has been given the lead on the account.

Lincoln still feels that something is missing.

Then one day on his way home from work, Lincoln picks up a queer hitchhiker. Raccoon’s free spirit attracts Lincoln and pulls him into a world that shows other definitions of freedom and other paths toward stability.

Motivated by radical queer politics and his awakening inner artist, Lincoln does something hasty that threatens his work, his relationship and the struggle for marriage equality.



R/EVOLVE: Casting Call


NEWS ANCHOR – 30s/40s

R/EVOLVE is a fiction feature film about gay marriage and the meaning of success. We’re in the final stages of post-production and are needing to film a few green screen news anchor segments to round out the film. Interested in being part of a project that will play the festival circuit in 2013? Want to play a mad-money-esque news anchor? Have time to learn some lines and be filmed in the next couple weeks? Email a headshot and any relevant info to:
[email protected]

More info about R/EVOLVE:

2012 was a good year!

Dual Power Productions had a good year in 2012. Here are the highlights:

  • The dual power operating family has added a third. We added Ponyboy as our new co-executive producer. Ponyboy is a queer mixed-race, more about mixed-gendered artist, sale artist, ambulance musician, activist & writer living in Seattle who has worked with arts- & youth-focused organizations for more than 10 years.
  • We went into production and post-production on R/EVOLVE, our latest feature film.
  • We had another successful collaboration with Sins Invalid, streaming their 2009 performance, and raising over $500 for their organization.
  • We began distributing ‘Funny, You Don’t Look Sick‘, Susan Abod’s first feature-length documentary about living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.
  • We continued distributing our other projects. Notably, Heart Breaks Open played a few more festivals and screened as part of a museum exhibit in Berlin. Our books — Fix This Mess, On The Road To Healing, and Screenwriter’s Toolkit — expanded distribution to new stores, classes and online venues.
  • We moved forward on several projects that will come to fruition in 2013.

A few things we’re looking forward to in 2013:

  • Releasing My Sister’s Shadow, a novel by Suki Valentine.
  • Touring festivals with R/EVOLVE.
  • The premiere of Homesick, Susan Abod’s second documentary about housing and multiple chemical sensitivities.

We also look forward to the continued opportunity to work with other groups and artists on amazing projects.

We’ll see you on the edge of art and politics.


Watch Now: Funny, You Don't Look Sick

We’re excited to present Susan Abod’s first film about living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, nurse “Funny, diagnosis You Don’t Look Sick.” You can now watch it through Video On Demand. It’s also coming soon to DVD through Dual Power Productions.

Funny, migraine You Don’t Look Sick: An Autobiography of an Illness
Produced, Written and Directed by Susan Abod and Lisa Pontoppidan,
1995. Color, 64 mins.

2005 Merit Award Winner
Superfest International Disability Film Festival

This intimate documentary self-portrait is told with humor and compassion. Susan Abod is a woman living with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). Filmed over a period of 18 months in 1994-95, Susan describes in detail the nature of her illness, illustrates her daily routine, and gives us a guided tour of her environmentally “safe” apartment. Comments from Susan’s numerous doctors and a visit with her support group offer further insights in this illuminating, firsthand report on a baffling, twenty-first century disease.

susan abod | director
Before she became ill, Susan was a professional singer, songwriter, recording artist, teacher and performer. Susan has been documenting CFIDS and MCS for close to two decades. Funny, You Don’t Look Sick: An Autobiography of an Illness paints an intimate portrait of her struggle to live with these debilitating conditions. Funny You Don’t Look Sick premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts in 1995, and was a Merit Award winner at the 2005 SUPERFEST International Disability Film Festival. It has been screened internationally and can be found in doctor’s and lawyer’s offices, university and public libraries, medical classrooms, centers for independent living, support groups and in peoples’ homes all over the world.

Watch Heart Breaks Open for Free!

Are you on Facebook? If so, information pills we’re offering a free month-long screening of Heart Breaks Open to people who become fans of the R/EVOLVE Facebook Page. Interested? Check out this link.

The month-long screening marks the production period we’re entering to produce R/EVOLVE, our next feature film.

Thanks for watching the Sins Invalid 2009 Performance

Humor Me and BED: A Place Called Home will be screening on Wednesday, thumb June 27 at Gallery 1412 in Seattle as part of The Sissy Collective‘s Short Film For Funds event.

Humor Me

Humor Me is a 9-minute documentary short that briefly interviews three sex-workers about a funny and humanizing moment from the job.

BED: A Place Called Home

Billie’s estrogen grows dense tumors in the soft tissues of her body. Her body is filled with tumors that, rx on days, buy information pills like this, make bed a place called home.

About The Sissy Collective (from their website):

We exist for sissies, nerds, geeks, outcasts, wimps, weaklings, survivors, gender deviants, People of Color, queer folks, trans folks, and anyone who has ever felt on the outside or oppressed in their ability to share their art.

We want to create intentional space for people in the arts through regular events in a variety of mediums. We’re working towards creating community that centralizes the marginalized.

We hold ourselves accountable to continually grow, change and evolve in our goals, events, and community building.

Thanks for watching the 2nd year of our pay-per-view webstreaming of our 2009 performances! From August 5th – 11th, viagra
we hosted a successful online viewing our 2009 performance.

The 2009 performance features the artistic works of Aurora Levins Morales, stuff
Mat Fraser, Cara Page, Nomy Lamm, Leroy Moore, seeley quest, Maria Palacios, Antoine Hunter, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, John Benson, Todd Herman, Ralph Dickinson and Patty Berne.