Watch Suki reads from 'My Sister's Shadow'

Suki Valentine reads from her debut novel “My Sister’s Shadow” at BlueStockings Bookstore in NYC on August 22, viagra here 2013. This video was filmed by Pat Moonblood.

A Coming-Of-Age Story of Travel, pathopsychology Magic and Healing in the Aftermath of Loss and Trauma

My Sister’s Shadow is a tale of travel, love, loss and magic. 19 year old Freesia, a goth feminist poet, grapples with her relationship to others and to herself in the wake of her sister’s suicide.

Author Suki Valentine is a writer, activist, artist and long-time rabble-rouser. Bronx-born Suki Valentine has nothing to hide and a lot to give. This is her first book.

My Sister’s Shadow has been published by Dual Power Press. Dual Power is an entertainment company in Seattle, Washington. We produce media that promotes understanding, critical thinking, personal development and social change. Our work can be serious, fun, thought-provoking, educational or absurd. We use a multi-faceted transmedia approach to getting the message out.

What’s the message? In the words of Alice Walker, “Surely the earth can be saved by all the people who insist on love.” In the words of Utah Phillips, “You’ve got to mess with people!”

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