Watch Now: Funny, You Don't Look Sick

We’re excited to present Susan Abod’s first film about living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, nurse “Funny, diagnosis You Don’t Look Sick.” You can now watch it through Video On Demand. It’s also coming soon to DVD through Dual Power Productions.

Funny, migraine You Don’t Look Sick: An Autobiography of an Illness
Produced, Written and Directed by Susan Abod and Lisa Pontoppidan,
1995. Color, 64 mins.

2005 Merit Award Winner
Superfest International Disability Film Festival

This intimate documentary self-portrait is told with humor and compassion. Susan Abod is a woman living with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) and Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS). Filmed over a period of 18 months in 1994-95, Susan describes in detail the nature of her illness, illustrates her daily routine, and gives us a guided tour of her environmentally “safe” apartment. Comments from Susan’s numerous doctors and a visit with her support group offer further insights in this illuminating, firsthand report on a baffling, twenty-first century disease.

susan abod | director
Before she became ill, Susan was a professional singer, songwriter, recording artist, teacher and performer. Susan has been documenting CFIDS and MCS for close to two decades. Funny, You Don’t Look Sick: An Autobiography of an Illness paints an intimate portrait of her struggle to live with these debilitating conditions. Funny You Don’t Look Sick premiered at the Museum of Fine Arts in 1995, and was a Merit Award winner at the 2005 SUPERFEST International Disability Film Festival. It has been screened internationally and can be found in doctor’s and lawyer’s offices, university and public libraries, medical classrooms, centers for independent living, support groups and in peoples’ homes all over the world.