Screenings: Humor Me! & BED

Humor Me and BED: A Place Called Home will be screening on Wednesday, thumb June 27 at Gallery 1412 in Seattle as part of The Sissy Collective‘s Short Film For Funds event.

Humor Me

Humor Me is a 9-minute documentary short that briefly interviews three sex-workers about a funny and humanizing moment from the job.

BED: A Place Called Home

Billie’s estrogen grows dense tumors in the soft tissues of her body. Her body is filled with tumors that, rx on days, buy information pills like this, make bed a place called home.

About The Sissy Collective (from their website):

We exist for sissies, nerds, geeks, outcasts, wimps, weaklings, survivors, gender deviants, People of Color, queer folks, trans folks, and anyone who has ever felt on the outside or oppressed in their ability to share their art.

We want to create intentional space for people in the arts through regular events in a variety of mediums. We’re working towards creating community that centralizes the marginalized.

We hold ourselves accountable to continually grow, change and evolve in our goals, events, and community building.