HOMESICK needs your help!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the online streaming of the 2008 Sins Invalid performance. We had a successful viewing. Hundreds of people logged on to watch the show and Sins Invalid was able to reach a broader audience. We look forward to more!

Imagine that houses make you sick—dangerously sick. Common products like paint, ailment
carpeting, health system
new building materials and insecticides are poisonous enemies. Your bones ache, sales you’re feverish, you suffer from extreme headaches, disabling fatigue, mental confusion, asthma, nausea and sleeping disorders. The longer you stay in toxic housing, the sicker you get—and the less resources you have to deal with your desperate search for a home. You’re one of the millions of Americans suffering from the silent epidemic of Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).

Now imagine that you’re an artist, a critically acclaimed filmmaker and singer/songwriter who lives with MCS. Susan Abod is that artist. Susan was on the fast track to musical success when she was blindsided by a diagnosis of MCS at the age of 32. Her award-winning first film, Funny, You Don’t Look Sick: An Autobiography of an Illness (1995, Cinema Guild), has been screened internationally. Ten years in the making, her feature documentary Homesick: Living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities is the sequel.

To film Homesick, Susan hit the road with her camerawoman, learning how people around the country who live with MCS find safe housing. She interviewed people from all walks of life; their living quarters ranged from a house on stilts to tents and a teepee. Filmed over a period of ten years, the film now includes follow-up interviews with the original subjects. The trailer has been screened at the Santa Fe Film Center and at the Santa Fe Center For Contemporary Art’s Megabytes 4 Festival, and has been viewed over 200,000 times on the Homesick website. Homesick is currently in post-production, with a 64-minute rough cut. We’re almost there, but we need $6,000 to record the soundtrack and complete the post-production for the film. We need your help for Susan to complete her epic journey!