Sins Invalid VOD – August 6 to 12

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The Sins Invalid Video On Demand Performance came to Dual Power Productions from August 6 to 12, doctor 2011.

Hey crips, queers, artists, activists, allies, kinksters, kids, and creatures!

As part of our work as interns at Sins Invalid in stunningly wheelchair accessible Berkeley, California, my colleague Allegra and I are helping to launch a new web streaming series of Sins Invalid’s Annual shows. The pilot will be launched on the week of August 6th and will remain online until August 12th. Depending on the success of this venture we do plan to continue the series through the fall and winter!

As you may have seen on, our website has a wealth of clips from various Sins Invalid performances. However, this impression of Sins as a sort of cabaret is inaccurate, and we want to bring the full arc of the Sins shows to you, starting with the year 2008. We know that you may have been unable to attend shows in the past, and as a wheelchair user I know how inconvenient and painful traveling can be. This is why we’re taking action and getting Sins to you. This is about getting communities together and celebrating the work of Sins Invalid over the years!

Every piece speaks to and touches the last, they writhe and complicate and bless and grow in one another’s grasp. The 2008 show explores the territories of spirituality, the sacrifice and the sacred, as these themes play out in our relationships and over the landscapes of our disabled bodies. The performers are asserting the blessing that is the knowledge of one’s sexiness, agency, vulnerability, messiness, grace, and power, and if that’s a sin too, then so be it!

This will be a pay per view, sliding scale donation event of anywhere between $0-$100. We are a fiscally sponsored organization; check out the link to the event page to our sponsor’s website where you can make paypal donations. We are making a suggested donation of $10 but no one will be refused the opportunity to view the show for lack of funds.

And the bonus! There will be a discussion packet sent to any interested parties and a live Q & A with directors Patty Berne and Leroy Moore!

This event comes to you through a partnership with Dual Power Productions and is co-sponsored by Fierce Bodies. We hope you’ll check out their sites and support their work!

To participate in bringing a viewing party to your home or group, email [email protected], Allegra Stout: [email protected], Patty Berne: [email protected]?, or myself, Beast Von Fancy: [email protected]!

This is a preliminary event invitation. More details will be released as we create them. Just drop me a line or RSVP to this event to let me know that you’re interested.

Fierce Blessings,